Fernweh is situated in in the charming area of downtown Bogota known as La Candelaria.  We offer friendly service in a safe environment – beautiful rooms and the option to add breakfast.

We have a variety of private and shared rooms depending on your personal needs. We also have amazing dorm rooms, each with up to 9 beds. Our rooms have comfortable beds and are located in a calm environment, offering our guests privacy and the opportunity to rest. 

We also have a huge kitchen where guests can make their own food! We know what it is like to travel with a tight budged, so we try accommodate everyone! 

The house has three bathrooms shared with hot water which will be shared amongst guests. We also have an wonderful garden, BBQ zone, a clay oven and an amazing bonfire! Come and join us for the Wednesday burger night and Friday handmade pizza nights!

The Hostel


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